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Comedian, quizmaster and Canadian – Joe is the perfect choice when the nationalities of your event’s guests are from all over the world! Joe adds his special ‘slideshow comedy’ performance with pictures, music and stand-up rolled into one – and all tailored to your event and the nationalities of your guests!

Stand-up – A few days before your event, you send Joe a list of the countries that will be represented in the audience. For example: ‘approx. 20 x Dk, 10 x Swe, 5 x USA, 4 x UK, 2 x Nor, 2 x Fin, 2 x Ger’. Joe then adapts the show based on the list! You can also surprise your guests if they send some vacation pictures to your group’s contact person. Then Joe uses the pictures as bonus jokes at the end of the show. A personal and tailored show that’s really appreciated by the audience! The show is about 25-30 minutes and is perfect during dessert and before the dance floor starts rocking – or whenever and wherever you like!

Quiz & Games – Want something that lasts 1-2 hours or something that happens sporadically over the course of an entire evening or event? Joe can run a fun Quiz & Games competition where your guests compete in teams for prizes to the winning team and last place team. All good fun – and great for teambuilding! Weather permitting, an outdoor Quiz & Games event is also possible with fun garden games and other surprises in a park near your office!

Joe has performed Stand-up and Quiz & Games events for clients like Maersk, CBS, IKEA, Microsoft, Apple, Airbus, Novo Nordisk, Cap Gemini & more! Get ready to laugh at everyday life in Denmark, stereotypes about various nationalities and other things – and all from a Canadian’s perspective. A maple syrup mix of observational humour that you don’t want to miss!

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