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Hvem er Alex Milner (UK)?

Alex Milner is a brilliant stand up comedian and also a very talented host! With more then 10 years of experience and gigs performed in multiple countries, Alex is amazing at adapting to new audiences and situations and understands how to create just the right atmosphere around any audience.

Alex is not only a talented stand up comedian, he also has a lot of experience in hosting different types of events, so if you´re looking for a host that can both entertain your audience and also keep your evening running smooth, Alex is your guy!


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For many years, Alex was based in Hong Kong, Asia, where he was both a strong local act, that could attract expats and locals alike, but he was also a popular pick for warming up the crowds, when international comedians came to Hong Kong – The list of comedians that Alex has warmed up for is long, but it includes names like:

Tom Cotter (US), Ruben Paul (US), Paul Ogtata (US) Brent Weinbach, Tom Rhodes (US)

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