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31. August 2022 19:00KibækKulturmøllenKøb billet
02. September 2022 19:00HerningHuset No7Køb billet
03. September 2022 19:00VejleBygningenKøb billet
07. September 2022 19:00OdenseMagasinetKøb billet
09. September 2022 19:00AalborgMusikkens HusKøb billet
10. September 2022 19:00AabenraaSjhallenKøb billet
11. September 2022 19:00KøbenhavnBremen TeaterKøb billet
15. September 2022 20:00AarhusMusikhusetKøb billet
16. September 2022 19:00SvendborgBlack BoxKøb billet
17. September 2022 19:00HolstebroMusikhusetKøb billet
23. September 2022 19:00RødovreViftenKøb billet
24. September 2022 19:00KoldingKoldinghusKøb billet
25. September 2022 19:00EsbjergMusikhusetKøb billet
27. September 2022 19:00RingstedRIngsted KongrescenterKøb billet
29. September 2022 19:00HorsensHorsens Ny TeaterKøb billet
13. January 2023 20:00AarhusMusikhusetEKSTRA SHOW
19. January 2023 19:00ViborgViborg Musik og TeaterKøb billet
20. January 2023 19:00SilkeborgJysk MusikteaterKøb billet
26. January 2023 19:00VejleBygningenKøb billet
28. January 2023 19:00GrevePortalen Køb billet
31. December 2022 00:00Køb Danglish 1 showet herKøb Danglish 1 showet herKøb Danglish 1
31. December 2022 00:00Køb Danglish 2 showet herKøb Danglish 2 showet herKøb Danglish 2

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Conrad Molden is back with a super duper dejlig look at the magical world of dansk kultur. He takes aim at everything from delicious flødeboller to Netto, nisse and when things got “too hyggelig” during the nedlukning. Conrad has two children in vugguestue, many Danish friends but is still struggling to lær dansk after nine years in the skandinavisk paradise! “Hyggelicious” is all about wordplay, bringing Britain to Denmark and trying to understand these absolutely mad salt-liquorice-loving-winter-bathing Danes. A night of serious hygge is guaranteed.

Conrad is back after two sold out national tours and two specials streaming on TV2 Play: “Danglish” and “Danglish 2”. He made the semi-final and final of DM i stand-up 2018 and 2019, writes regularly for The International Newspaper, manages English Stand Up Comedy Aarhus and has become an icon of English-speaking comedy in Denmark.