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A dynamic American couple with a penchant for laughter and adventure, Derek and Mike are the creative forces behind the captivating YouTube channel Robe Trotting, and the hilarious podcast “What Are You Doing in Denmark”. Along with their vibrant presence on Instagram and TikTok, the duo offers a glimpse into their world as American expats in Denmark. Using a blend of cultural insights, humor, and an LGBTQ+ perspective, Derek and Mike bring a unique and refreshingly honest glimpse into international living. Their audience loves getting a front row seat as they navigate the intricacies of language, cultural exchange, and building a life abroad.


Why Book Derek and Mike?

Derek and Mike share their personal experiences of assimilating into Danish society, offering valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of expat life. The couple are insightful storytellers with a deep appreciation for Danish culture, history, and traditions – with a foreign perspective. Their warm and engaging style allows audiences to truly understand the nuances of life in Denmark and what it’s like navigating the intricate social fabric when you don’t grow up with the unwritten rules.


Elevate your event with Derek and Mike’s distinctive blend of perspectives: as a couple, expats, and professionals with cross-cultural expertise. They deliver engaging presentations that are both enlightening and entertaining, whether it’s a seminar, conference, or panel discussion. Their experiences in Denmark and the US, combined with their LGBTQ+ perspective, will captivate and inspire your audience.


Derek and Mike offer an authentic portrayal of love, life, and cultural exploration, and provide a fresh take on diversity, relationships, and the human experience. Their presentations are a perfect blend of education and entertainment, creating a memorable and impactful experience for audiences of all backgrounds.


Ready to infuse your event with the vibrant perspectives of Derek and Mike? Contact us today to book them for live appearances, speaking engagements, and more. Elevate your event with the LGBTQ+ charm, cross-cultural insights, and dynamic presence that only they can provide. Witness their ability to foster connections and inspire growth through humor, relatability, and a rich tapestry of experiences.


Comedy and Culture Collide

Derek and Mike are masters of combining humor and culture. They seamlessly blend LGBTQ+ perspectives with American and Danish experiences, giving audiences an immersive understanding of both their personal lives and the worlds they’ve navigated. Their ability to find humor in cultural differences while fostering understanding sets them apart as storytellers and speakers.


Navigating Work Cultures

Drawing from their extensive experience working in both the US and Denmark, Derek and Mike offer unparalleled insights into the nuances of work cultures. Their unique vantage point allows them to discuss workplace dynamics, diversity and inclusion, and the interplay of professional and personal lives. Their presentations resonate with anyone seeking to bridge cultural gaps and foster collaboration in today’s globalized world.


Known From

The Robe Trotting YouTube Channel

Instagram and TikTok

What Are You Doing in Denmark? – The Robe Trotting Podcast

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