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Over 15 years of professional quiz writing and presentation has led to Matthew Ogden, The Bearded Wit honing the skills to create the ABSOLUTELY perfect quiz for your event, regardless of who you are and what you do. Described as “stand-up with mad questions” he delivers tailor-made quizzes that will tantalise your mind and tickle your funny bone. Everything is made uniquely to order, so your quiz is really is YOUR quiz.

And yes, the quizzes are in English, Matthew’s Danish is ludicrously hysterical enough to listen to on its own…

Finally, here’s your teaser question, just to get you started:

The top of Mont Blanc (the mountain) is in which country?

a) France
b) Italy
c) Netherlands

Why not drop me a line and I’ll tell you the answer? It will surprise you, I promise.



We had the added bonus of having Matthew along for our big company “getting to know you” trip. We have a total of 4 sites and our first joint event was a bus trip where we visited our 4 new departments.

On our trip from Århus to Ålestrup, Matthew had organized a Pub Quiz on the bus, but with a little twist. The twist being the fact that every time the word “tractor” was mentioned, a toast had to be made to the great excitement of the 85 participants in the double-decker.

A super quiz was arranged, with questions from our industry and Matthew was funny, entertaining and captivated all participants. A great experience that you can book without hesitation.

Henrik A. Thomsen, CEO, Traktor og Høst A/S

Book The Comedy Pub Quiz

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